Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Taking Action

Support GRLI’s work by amplifying “Global Responsibility, Now” throughout your organisation, community of practice and network. We also welcome donations to the GRLI Foundation and invite applications from prospective Partners, Associate Partners and independent individual Associates.

Connect & collaborate online

In order to build deeper relationships and support collaboration in-between AGMs and meetings we recently started rolling out the use of Slack for GRLI Partners and Associates.

Slack is a messaging app where we can talk, share files and work together. It also connects with tools we already use, like Zoom, Google Drive, Twitter etc. as well as 500+ other apps.


Donating to the GRLI Foundation is safe, easy and globally responsible. Online donations are processed using Donorbox which is fully secure. 100% of your donation goes toward the GRLI Foundation and the initiatives it enables.


Partnership and association with GRLI enables personal development of change agents, helps accelerate organisational change and leads to high impact initiatives focused on driving systemic change.