Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

The Globally Responsible Leader – A Call For Action (2009)

A Call For Action is made to business leaders, change agents and academics by the GRLI Foundation of Public Interest with 3 main areas of focus:

  • Re-visiting the raison d’être of the organization
  • Integrating leadership and ethics
  • Making corporate statesmanship a reality

The current free market model is increasingly ambiguous and paradoxical. At the same time as having produced more wealth and periods of unprecedented growth, it pollutes, excludes, and often encourages domination and social injustice. It promotes a desperate race that no longer has any visible purpose, or raison d’être beyond the race itself.

Concretely, GRLI Foundation of Public Interest believes that business schools and learning organizations should focus on educating the whole person to develop change agents, leaders, and corporate statesmen and women.

Leadership is the art of motivating, communicating, empowering and convincing people to accept a new vision of sustainable development and the necessary change that this implies.


The Globally Responsible Leader

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