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Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal


Prof Carol Adams ( – professor of accounting and sustainable development strategy at La Trobe University, Australia. She is also director of sustainability and acting dean of the Faculty of Law and Management.La Trobe University, Australia


SAMPJ Editorial Objectives

The Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal (SAMPJ) is a new journal for 2010, the aim of which is to bring together a range of disciplinary perspectives to explore ways of improving social and environmental sustainability.

SAMPJ provides a forum for quality research from differing socio-economic and political backgrounds, and is especially concerned with practice and policy implications. It will look at organizations from the private and public sector, and within the public sector, at both governmental and non-governmental bodies.

The journal’s mission is to publish research in the areas of social and environmental sustainability. There is a problem around climate change and sustainability and there is a whole range of related environmental and social issues – the environmental issues our planet is facing have social consequences. The journal’s mission is to explore that link, but with a multidisciplinary focus. SAMPJ also aims at making an impact on policy and practice, while also being high quality. It starts from a problem and works out how different research strands can be brought together to solve that problem. It look at a whole range of interconnected issues, e.g. climate change has an impact on health issues around the world, and takes a holistic view of sustainability and its interaction with society and the environment, with the object of resolving problems and obtaining a positive outcome.

SAMPJ Coverage

The editorial focus of SAMPJ is on the “engaged research”, that is research which looks specifically at organizations through theoretical perspectives drawn from other fields such as organizational change, and employs methodologies such as action research and ethnography. SAMPJ aims to seek out what the issues are for organizations – what are the things that are not being done as well as they could? – and find out how researchers can contribute towards informing better practice.

SAMPJ has a unique feature in the form of a news section where short pieces will be contributed by practitioners with both a practitioner and an academic readership in mind. It’s a way of informing academics about what’s happening in practice, and should be interesting to read by practitioners. Large professional and standard-setting bodies are already submitting articles to the journal.

Key SAMPJ Audiences

With the deputy editor from the USA [Den Patten] and regional editors [for the UK, USA and China], half o the editorial board and associate editors coming from Australia and New Zealand, SAMPJ is developing the network to internationalize the journal.