Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Report on the 2020 April Deans Cohort virtual gathering


This report synthesizes two days of conversation held during the COVID-19 pandemic via zoom on 29-30 April 2020 as the 5th meeting of the GRLI Deans & Directors Cohort.  Originally the meeting was to be held at University of Colorado Boulder with a focus on “Regenerative Management Education.” However with the lockdown in place globally, the event theme shifted to discuss “Management Education in a Disrupted World.” 

None of us could have imagined just how disrupted our lives and world would become. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended every aspect of our home lives, professional responsibilities and norms, and society as a whole.  

Faced with this reality, our planned multi-day, in-person Deans & Directors Cohort gathering was reconfigured as an online event. 

This brief paper sets out the theme, dilemmas, and opportunities shared by the meeting participants. The notes and curated themes that follow are a snapshot of the reflections of those in attendance (see participant list at end). As business school deans and directors, in their roles as change agents, this community is well-suited for the systemic challenges we face. 

202004 Deans Cohort Virtual report

The report from the 29&30 April online Deans Cohort gathering