Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Global Responsibility – Issue 14 – August 2016


In this edition, we continue to investigate catalysts and catalytic actions. In doing so, we get a clearer picture of the true character of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) as a movement that inspires and sparks many programmes of action across the globe.

Mark Reno and his co‐authors completes their discussion on the importance of developing character – in all of its many facets – in business students and how character is an important driver for responsible leadership.

Chris Taylor explains how a change in business education can also be driven from the students’ side. He tells the story of COMMIT, a student body focussing on integrating sustainability in business education, and their first two years on the ground. Other features include an overview of Anne Keränen’s recently defended doctoral thesis on responsible leadership and the importance of leader relations.
This is followed by several examples of and personal reflections on responsible leadership and the work of the GRLI and its network, from catalysts such as Verena Fritzsche, Mary Gentile, Liliana Petrella and Sauli Sohlo, as well as a social enterprise in South Africa called Partners for Possibility. Throughout these stories, we are reminded of the role of the GRLI as a purpose driven and nimble movement that seeks to recognise and catalyse powerful change amongst leaders in all spheres of society.

Global Responsibility - Issue 14

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