Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Global Responsibility – Issue 13 – December 2015


Fulfilling the GRLI’s mission requires individuals and organisations willing and able to take initiative on behalf of all of us – on behalf of the systems within which we operate. Catalysts and catalytic actions are the focus of this issue of Global Responsibility magazine.

A catalyst, as I recall from high school chemistry, is a substance typically used to increase the rate of a reaction. Catalysts find and bridge alternate pathways between reactants allowing the rate
of reaction to accelerate without consuming the catalyst in the process. Therefore, only a small amount of a particular catalyst is able to transform and produce a much larger volume of product.

In this issue you will meet a number of GRLI Associates that are catalysts in their own right:
Karen Blakeley (University of Winchester), Pierre Tapie (Paxter), Mary Watson (The New School) and Carol Adams (Durham University). In keeping with this theme Asher Alkoby (Ted Rogers School of Management) reflects on Whole Person Learning and Teaching, whilst Mark Reno and his colleagues at Ivey Business School highlights the relevance of Character in the context of developing Responsible Leadership.

Two organisations with a strong social purpose are featured in this issue including EUCLID University and Kemmy Business School (Ireland). Kemmy will also host the 2016 GRLI AGM so mark you calendars if you have not done so yet!

Liliana Petrella and Dagna Rupieta presents an overview of the highlights from 2015 and shares plans for developing a GRLI community timeline. The Aim2Flourish and Workplace of Tomorrow initiatives also feature in this issue, along with the transcript of Julia Christensen Hughes’s inspiring message delivered to the UN General Assembly in June.

We hope that you enjoy this packed issue of Global Responsibility magazine and we look forward to further collaboration, innovation and transformation in 2016.

Global Responsibility - Issue 13

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