Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Global Responsibility – Issue 11 – June 2014


Why do some step forward when they see the need for change and others do nothing?

In my decade of involvement in the GRLI from its very beginnings, the answer to this question has been the most elusive of all the questions that surround the agenda of developing globally responsible leadership and practice as we seek a world worth living in for all its inhabitants.

As always, this edition of Global Responsibility contains many examples of people stepping forward. They do so with ideas and with action. This is the essence of the GRLI as a global community.

In the past weeks I have found my answer to why they step forward.

I believe it is because every one of them is on a journey to wisdom. Such a journey has nothing to do with the positions they hold or the organisations they work for or the cultures and countries from whence they come.

It is an inner journey of the heart and of the soul. In globally responsible leadership and practice, these aspects of what it is to be a human being wield the mind to a greater purpose that has nothing to do with “the business case” or the logic of the dominant paradigm or the way things are done.

Globally responsible leadership is an inner journey to wisdom. There are no magic formulas, no seven key steps, no three core principles. There is just the journey.

It has been a privilege to know people on this journey and to travel with them. It has been and will remain a wonder-filled ride.

Global Responsibility - Issue 11

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