Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Global Responsibility – Issue 10 – January 2014


Here we are in 2014 and this year we mark a milestone as the GRLI parks a decade since the first gathering which was its genesis. This gathering of 35 engaged individuals was held in Septmber 2004 in  Chateau Limelette in the forests to the south of Brussels. It is testament to the power of our purpose that many of those individuals are still actively engaged in the GRLI today.

This edition of our partner magazine shifts from its traditional role of focussing on the work of individual partners to relfecting on the past and the future of our collective work as an organisation and a movement.

GRLI Honorary Fellow Philippe de Woot reflects on the concepts we have developed and then challenges us all to “profound-up” our work. There is a wonderful spread of photographs of GRLI partners through the years with many of us looking distinctly younger and fresher than we do today.

Looking forward, we have the prospect of a new governance framework described by GRLI Council chair Claire Maxwell and previews of two major events this year – the Oulu Generally Assembly in March and a global business un-conference, the

Third Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit in October.

Central to our future is an exploration of “Towards 2024” which is  an extensive document describing the GRLI’s way forward for the next decade. This signals the start of an extensive consultation process over the coming months to seek feedback and engagement. This is critical as the implementation of our mission to develop globally responsible leadership and practice is only possible through it being fully embraced by GRLI Partner organisations and by committed individual Associates.

Global Responsibility - Issue 10

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