Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Global Responsibility – Issue 1- June 2009

This GRLI Magazine presents some examples of the developing practice within the global partnership of the GRLI. It demonstrates that what we set out to do four years ago – to create a community of action and learning – has become a reality. With greater success inevitably comes
greater responsibility. As the range of articles in this magazine illustrates, GRLI is equally dedicated to contribute to the development of new management education practices, and to the development of an appropriate role of business, management and leadership institutions in this century.


Today GRLI is also recognised as an avant-garde group or advanced laboratory for hands-on implementation of the UN Global Compact’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). GRLI has a clear focus on developing a next generation of globally responsible leaders. In doing so, three principles guide our actions:

  • Result Orientation: Will it deliver visible results on the ground?
  • Long-Term Effects: Will it live on and continuously affect the development of globally responsible leaders?
  • Uniqueness: Will it get things done that could not be achieved elsewhere?

This magazine does not intend to present the wealth of activities and achievements that our partnership represents. There are many corporate examples of new ways of approaching management development and integrating the principles of responsibility that are not showcased here. There is creative and bold multi-disciplinary work being executed at our partner learning institutions – addressing curricula, research, and learning methodology. We hope, though, that we by presenting some of our current collective and partner-based activities will manage to give a flavour of the GRLI commitment.

We look forward to our continued work and to report on our experiences and incrementally increasing wisdom as we progress. You are very much welcome to contact us for further information, and to join the important cause of developing responsible leaders.

GRLI has come a long way since we published the Call for Engagement in 2005, which still remains the pre-eminent reference point for the challenge of developing a next generation of globally responsible leaders. However, we are still driven by the energy and dedication that comes from realising that there’s a long way to go – so, after all, we’ve just begun

Global Responsibility – Issue 1

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