Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

Business School Rankings for the 21st Century (January 2019)

This report was written by David Pitt-Watson and Dr Ellen Quigley, under the aegis of the United Nations Global Compact and funded by Aviva Investors. The authors received input from a number of participants following roundtable discussions co-convened by the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, Aviva Investors and the UNGC. Participants included representatives from ABIS, AMBA, AON, the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, the Center for the Study of Existential Risk and the GRLI. Feedback was also received from AABS, PRME and oikos.

When the GRLI was co-founded by EFMD and the UN Global Compact in 2004, our pioneering partners which included Aviva, kick-started an ongoing collaborative inquiry into the development of global responsibility in leadership and practice. From the outset is was clear that business- and management education can and should act as key levers for positive change. Critical questions asked about the dominant economic logic, the purpose of business, emerging societal issues and the crucial role of leadership clearly highlights the challenges facing management education. Along the way, in holding these questions, we also uncovered new possibilities and a hopeful raison d’etre for those business schools which strive to serve people, planet and prosperity.

This paper represents a significant milestone for key actors, initiatives and networks across the management education ecosystem as we set out to jointly explore a new frontier for business school rankings. Measures of progress that are more attuned to what the world really needs and which the urgency of our times demand will not come about if we follow the same formula and measures that brought us here.


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